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ROCKWELL Monza Sunglasses review

  ROCKWELL Watches and Sunglasses? Who knew that Rockwell made sunglasses?  Yes the very same company that leads the watch industry in a huge way now has a great line of eye wear! Introducing Rockwell sunglasses, which believe me are as nice as their time pieces!  For starters you won’t find these on a rack […]

Koobi Saddle 232T Triathlon Seat review

  THREE POINTS OF CONTACT.   There are three points of contact between the rider and the bicycle.  Your hands, your buttocks and your feet, which should be the most comfortable and stable platforms when you ride.  If you’re going to spend some money upgrading your bicycle it’s recommended to start with these three areas […]

Noxgear Tracer 360 Review

  ADVANCED VISIBILITY GEAR! Noxgear is an Ohio based company who takes safety very seriously when it comes to playing outdoors in dark conditions.  You might be a runner or a cyclists who only has time to exercise, train or play in the early morning or late night hours.  If you’re like me those two […]

Rock Tape vs KT Tape Pro

  The Epic Battle! here is much debate as to which athletic tape is the best.  People want to know which one really works, which one sticks the best, which brand is better for a particular injury or sport?  With so many different brands out there, how do you know what you’re getting and if […]

Light & Motion – Solite 150 Review

  here are lights and then there are Light & Motion lights!  We live in a place where the darkness comes earlier and earlier in the winter time.  For this problem we set out to find a true, white light that was durable, water resistance and bright enough to illuminate the trails we were running.  […]

On Running – CloudRacer Road Shoe Review

ake a look at an On road shoes and immediately you know there is something very unique in it’s design.  This Swiss company is relatively new to the whole road running scene but years and years of experience went into making their line of shoes.   “February 2014 – With the On Cloud, On launches […]


Looking for a great recovery tool to help with sore, overworked or cramping muscles?  If you’re like me and always trying to find new ways to help speed up your recovery after work outs then take a look at a new product called theTheraGunz.  About four month ago I came across this product which is […]