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That’s right…a Barking Frog….so what is it? “Barkies, keep you warm in the cold, cool in the heat and protects you from the elements – sun, rain, snow, wind and sand. A Barkie is used year round, no matter what the season or where the adventure. Barkies are a seamless tube of high-tech microfiber fabric measuring 11×22”. This simple piece of fabric is typically worn around your neck like a handkerchief only much, much better. It can me used to keep the dust out of your nose and mouth or worn around the head to keep you warm. It can be used as a headband to keep sweat from rolling in your eyes. It’s a comfortable, seamless tube of soft fabric that stretches to fit around your neck, face, head or even your wrist.




Chief of Everything Else Officer


“Creator of Barking Frogs, Elisa has 30 years of experience as a successful artist, garment designer and manufacturer. She has worked extensively in the fields of business development, marketing and sales. As an athlete, ski patrol and lover of outdoor adventures, she understands exactly what you need to be comfortable while looking great. Her spirit and multifaceted talents are what sets Barking Frogs apart. Between her and Bark you can trust that we have everything covered – in a stylish manner!”

So Elisa sent us several of these cool little items. They were given to our personal trainers, runners and cyclists for testing and here’s what we thought about them. First off we used them as headbands during some training sessions to keep the sweat off our faces. One was used to run the Zion’s Half Marathon which can be tough with it’s constant changing weather. It was used around Melanie’s neck to keep that portion of the body warm. The material was light enough that it didn’t weigh her down from recording a great time! It can easily be pulled up around the mouth and nose or all the way over the head to protect you from the elements. One was used during the Antelope Buffalo 100 mile run…(Curt you are crazy, and we love it)! This simple piece of gear was a great thing to have. As the 100 miles started on Friday the temps were mild so it was worn around the neck. As the night time hours of running came so did the wind! It was pulled up around the entire head to protect the ears, chin, nose area against the wind burn and colder night time temperatures.

Lastly we used them during some riding on Legacy Trail in Davis County. If you’ve ridden this trail in the spring you know that the bugs are out in force! This makes riding with your mouth open an adventure in and of it’s self…. So we thought to put them around our necks and pull them up over the nose area to keep the bugs out. This comfortable piece of gear worked great and allowed us to still breath while riding. We did notice it cut back on the amount of oxygen slightly but not enough to make us feel suffocated.

The cool thing about the Barkies is that you can custom print most anything on them. If you have an event, family function or a team that wants to be set apart with some unique and cool functioning gear then the Barking Frogs can help. For complete products, specs and designs you can simply visit:


GOAL: Pack light, go fast. What do you carry that will give you the most benefit and weigh the least? Barkies, hands down. Besides protection from the elements, this simple tube has many outdoor emergency uses, such as: bandage, sling, water strainer, protection from insects….

100% microfiber
Machine washable
No seams
One-size fits all
Wicks water
UV Protection


We rated this item under four categories, each with a maximum of 5 stars:

Quality 4
Performance 4
Features 3.5
Value 4


Our overall rating takes into consideration the absolute need for any piece of gear while doing outdoor sports. The fabric is very light weight and very comfortable, however during super cold temps like the ones you will find in Utah it can’t replace a heavier material. Most people aren’t running or cycling in the middle of the winter but there are those dye-hard athletes out there. This item is perfect for the Spring, Summer or Fall months. Don’t let this review discourage you from using your Barking Frog for your snow sports, just be prepared to bring other cold weather gear. This would be great around the neck in addition to other base layers and quickly pulled up around the nose area during your snowboarding or skiing adventures! How will you use your Barking Frog?

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