Koobi Saddle 232T Triathlon Seat review


There are three points of contact between the rider and the bicycle.  Your hands, your buttocks and your feet, which should be the most comfortable and stable platforms when you ride.  If you’re going to spend some money upgrading your bicycle it’s recommended to start with these three areas before moving onto wheels or your components.  If you ride more than 10 miles at a time then you understand the importance of comfort.  Let’s be honest if you’re not comfortable on your bicycle, chances are you won’t ride as often or as far.  Koobi Saddles has created several different bicycle seats to address the comfort issue.  They’ve put a lot of time and research into what makes a great saddle for the different types of riding you do.
What should you look for when you purchase your next bicycle seat.  Koobi’s website has tons of insight, including a short video that will help explain the difference in seats.  Here’s a little bit of information that can be found at koobi.com.

Bike Saddle Function

A well-designed bicycle saddle supports your body weight while you pedal, balance and steer. When you hit a bump, everything beneath you should flex or compress: the saddle cover material, the foam, the base and the rails. If all of the elements do their job, the bicycle saddle will absorb the energy in the bump instead of transferring it to you. It’s how those components work together that brings you optimum comfort.



Comfortable Bicycle Seat – Bike Saddle Design Elements

The following articles explain how each component of a bike seat contributes to overall comfort.


Comfortable Bicycle Seat – Koobi Saddles

Koobi is dedicated to improving bike saddle technology to provide an optimum cycling experience for a wide range of riders. Men and women, road and mountain bike riders, and triathletes – anyone can find an ideal fit.




The Rider

All cyclists are not alike, so it stands to reason that one bicycle seat will not feel comfortable for every body. The search for a “perfect fit” takes into consideration:

  • Your gender
  • Your weight
  • Hours per week of riding
  • Type of biking: mountain, road, time trial
​NO!  One size does not fit all riders and all types of riding.  There are road specific seats, mountain specific seats and triathlon specific seats.  So how will you know what type is best for you?  First you need to determine what type of bicycle you are going to put the seat on, road, mountain or triathlon.  Next determine how many hours a week you will be riding or plan on riding then of course you already know your gender and weight.  That should get you started as to what seats to look at when you visit Koobi’s website.
One of the most important aspects of picking the right seat is where your “sit bones” are in relation to the padding of the seat.  This little bit of information could make your next ride way more comfortable.  Most bicycle shops can measure or determine the width of your sit bones for free by using a simple pressure pad.  This cool little device will allow you to sit down in a similar position of that when you’re riding.  The pressure pad displays different colors showing your downward points of contact on the seat or where your sit bones rest on the seat.  The shop can then take a measurement of the two sit bones and recommend the proper width of a saddle.  These measurements are usually between 140 mm and 160 mm in width.
If you’re like most people 146 mm is the standard comfort distance for sit bones and most bicycle seats, Koobi included.  Take a little time and write down all the information listed above, including your measured sit bones.  Armed with this knowledge you are now ready to find your next Koobi seat!  Their website is very user friendly, starting with the type of riding you will be doing – road, mountain, triathlon or time trials.  From there you can see the different seats that will fit your sit bone measurements, height, weight, gender and distance of riding.
Hey all you triathlon riders out there….you’re gonna love the 232T seat!  Once I mounted my 232T triathlon seat to my 2011 BMC TT02 tri bike I noticed it sat a little higher than my old seat.  Two slight adjustments and I was set to ride!  I choose that particular seat because of the distance I ride as well as my riding position.  Now this seat is truly designed for triathlons and has several cool features built right into the seat.  First off it has the open nose area that relieves the soft tissue from the downward pressure.  Next it has a medium density padding that’s ideal for Olympic distance on up to a full triathlon distance.  The nose of the seat has a small plastic hook that will hang on a bar while in transition.  This same hook is great for getting out of transition as your hand won’t slip off your seat as you’re running to the bike start.  The rear of the seat has a plastic insert with a metal threaded hole, used to attach a variety of rear hydration systems or storage.
It took me a couple of short rides to get adjusted to the new saddle but now I find it the most comfortable seat I’ve owned.  I’ve put well over 100 miles on this seat without any issues and love the design of it.  I find that I’m able to be in the aerodynamic position for longer periods of time verses my previous seat.   My soft tissue area doesn’t get that uncomfortable pressure due to the open nose and my sit bones fit well with the width of the 232T.  I am sold on this seat and glad I made the switch!
We rated this item under four categories, each with a maximum of 5 stars:
Quality 4.75
Performance 4.75
Features 5
Value 4.75

OVERALL RATING FOR THE KOOBI 232T Triathlon Saddle: 4.81 stars
I’m super stoked with the Koobi 232T triathlon seat!  They’ve certainly done their homework on what makes or breaks a good seat and put that information into every one of their saddles.  The overall rating also includes how user friendly their website is and treats every customer as an individual with individual needs.  They want you to be comfortable because cycling is a fun sport when the equipment we use performs well.  I highly recommend the investment in a Koobi saddle, one that’s right for you.   


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