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There are lights and then there are Light & Motion lights!  We live in a place where the darkness comes earlier and earlier in the winter time.  For this problem we set out to find a true, white light that was durable, water resistance and bright enough to illuminate the trails we were running.  We came across the Light & Motion Solite 150 but discovered they produce tons of lighting systems.  Take a look at all the lights offered at



“At Light & Motion, we don’t mess around when it comes to product testing.  That’s why we were the first company in the industry to adopt the FL-1 standard to ensure our products are the highest quality and so our customers know the performance they’re getting.  The FL-1 standard includes tests for impact (drop) resistance, water ingress, light output (lumens), and run time.”

Not too many companies use the term “Integrity” but Light & Motion puts that into every product they make.  It’s the start of the product and is seen through each step of the process to make a light that works!  The company believes that having integrity in their products is a direct reflection of their staff, and they aim to please.  Not only do they look for ways to improve on production and quality, but if something isn’t working they dive head first into the problem and get it fixed.
What I like about this company is they are based out of California with products of course made right here in the USA.  They were told that getting into this industry in California was like swimming up stream, well swim they did and did it very well!  I believe because they stuck to their values and produced great lights for all types of sports they now lead the industry.


So I tested the Solite 150 headlamp which also came with a charging USB cable, bike mount and helmet mount.  The first thing I did was charge it up so it would be ready for my first trail run at night.  Light & Motion has been in the business for a while and makes great lights for deep sea diving, running, cycling or any other sport or activity you wish to do at night.  They are no stranger to making a true white light that really illuminates your field of vision.  This Solite 150 was designed for running at night and is water resistant.

Now Light & Motion also makes higher powered or higher “lumens” in order to accommodate riding mountain bikes or road bikes at night.  These thing are also built with quality which means they’re durable if you tend to be rough on your equipment like I am.  My first trail run was fantastic!  The extra wide band was comfortable on my head and I could barely feel the system on there.  I took it up Davis County’s classic Mueller Park trail to Elephant rock and back.  Starting my journey as the sun was setting and returning in the black of night.  I had absolutely no worries with this light on my head plus with the gripping material on the inside the light stayed in place.


With three different settings this light went on for hours.  At a full 150 lumens the light will last around 2.5 hours, at the medium setting it will last about 5 hours and at the lowest setting it will last up to 20 hours.  Light & Motion also put in a pulsing light so others can see you better with an additional setting for emergencies called their SOS light.  That’s right…..they even thought enough to have a setting that will send out an SOS signal in light flashes in the event you get lost.
My experience with this headlamp was great, it was comfortable to wear and I cruised down the rocky trail with confidence.  I’m not sure how they make the light a bright, true white light that doesn’t get lost in the environment but they did.  The light covered the trail evenly with plenty of it so I could see the obstacles and giant deer that stood by the trail!


Is there a light that’s right for you?….YES!  Light & Motion offers tons of different lights that will be just the right amount of lumens for the activity you choose.  Some, like their deep sea diving ones are completely water proof and project light deep into the dark water.  Some models come with a red tail light which is just right for cycling in the dark.  You can visit their website, for the dealer nearest you or simply order online and have it shipped to your house.  The nice thing about their website is it’s organized into several different activities.  So all you have to do is click on the sport you wish to do and they have recommendations for which light is right!


We rated this item under four categories, each with a maximum of 5 stars:

Quality 4.75
Performance 5
Features 4.75
Value 4.5

OVERALL RATING 4.75 Stars and is highly recommended!

This headlamp was the ideal light for a trail run or road run.  We tested this product during a road biking ride and the mounts worked great however we feel that at least 350 or more lumens would be better.  This did not reflect the rating of this product but is simply a suggestion.  My experience with the Light & Motion Solite 150 was incredible and I would recommend this product for any runner who wants more visibility.

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