On Running – CloudRacer Road Shoe Review

Take a look at an On road shoes and immediately you know there is something very unique in it’s design.  This Swiss company is relatively new to the whole road running scene but years and years of experience went into making their line of shoes.   “February 2014 – With the On Cloud, On launches the world’s lightest, fully cushioned running shoe. With this, On lays the foundation for a new lightweight technology platform.”  (on-running.com)



“A quest for the
 perfect running sensation.”

Prior to 2010 a Swiss engineer created a running sole that would cushion the landing and harden during the foots take off.  In January 2010, David Allemann, Oliver Bernhard and Caspar Coppetti design the first On shoe with this CloudTec system, which makes On very unique.  From there the company launches several lines of running shoes and professional athletes from all over begin to rave about their performance.

April 2010– Marathon legend Tegla Loroupe tests the On and becomes an enthusiastic ambassador. Many pro-athletes follow her lead and record their fastest times with some setting course records!  On was introduced into the United States in March of 2013, making Portland, Oregon their second head quarters.  In April 2013 On introduced a Cloudrunner model with a new flex plate called the Speedboard and of course it’s signature CloudTec system.

On has a specific goal in mind when designing and continually updating their technology….it’s to have more fun when running!  If your feet feel good it will translate into a more relaxed run and that will equate to faster times, longer distances and less fatigue.  No matter the model of On shoe you’re choosing one thing will remain the same, cushioned landing and firm take off.



Tn stands behind four core beliefs as a company to ensure it’s customers are receiving the best running shoes possible.
On Core Belief 1: From focus on correction to focus on experience and comfort…
On Core Belief 2: From one best way to run to billions of ways to run…
On Core Belief 3: From a look at the ankle to a look at the whole body…
On Core Belief 4: From a diagnosis for life to an evolution over time…

When On contacted us for this review we were asked to really stress the shoes and the runner.  They sent us a pair of their On CloudRacer shoe for testing and asked us to really put some long, fast miles on them. Their goal of course was to prove to us that their technology really works.  So we gave these shoes to our favorite road runner, Ryan Daley of Farmington, Utah.  What we discovered is not only do these shoes look super cool but the CloudTec system works!  True to their word, On really did create a sole that cushions on the landing and is firm in the take off.

Ryan shared his experience:  “As an avid-competitive runner, I’m always on the lookout for a comfortable, stable, lightweight racing shoe, which will help me achieve my running and performance goals.  So, I was very excited when I found out I was able to test-run a new shoe from a company I had never heard of before. The company is On, and the shoe is their CloudRacer.  As I opened the box for the first time, I noticed the shoe design was something I had never seen before.

There are 18 low profile “clouds” on the sole of each shoe, which are, as per their website, “designed for fast performance, but keep you fresh with a surprisingly comfortable and protected run.”  Putting this claim to the test my first run in the CloudRacer I did a 7 mile easy pace run, just to see how they compared to the brand I usually run in. I was a little nervous at first because the CloudRacer was so light weight. I wondered if they would have the support to keep my feet comfortable, and the stability to get me through the run.  After the first mile, I was put at ease and was amazed at how comfortable my feet felt in these shoes.  After my run, my feet felt great, which surprised me with this being a “break-in” run for new shoes.  No blisters, no rubbing, no foot cramps.

Over the next several runs I added distance up to 14 miles, and increased my speed. I am happy to report that I accomplished several personal records while wearing the CloudRacer and even a podium finish at a Thanksgiving Day 10k race.  I have tried many different types of shoes, and have stayed pretty loyal to one in particular. However, the CloudRacer definitely gives its competitors a run for their money.  After putting these shoes to the test, I was sold on them in both the great looks and the technology! I can’t wait to see what else On will come out with. I highly recommend this shoe if you are looking for comfort, stability, and performance which is usually hard to find in a racing shoe.”


There are two locations in the Salt Lake area but for an On retailer near you, visit on-running.com or order them right from the website.  Their sizing runs a true US size, so if you’re a size 10 order a size 10.  But for a perfect fit we recommend trying on a pair before purchase.  While you’re visiting the website take a look at the other running shoes On has to offer.  If you’re a triathlete, simple trade out the traditional laces with a speed lace and you have a perfect triathlon shoe!  Our hope is that On continues making great shoes and eventually dives into the trail running scene with an incredible trail shoe!



We rated this item under four categories, each with a maximum of 5 stars:
Quality 5
Performance 5
Features 4.5
Value 4.5


OVERALL RATING 4.75 Stars and is highly recommended!

We couldn’t be happier with this shoe which is reflected in our overall rating.  The construction and durability of the shoe translates directly into the performance of their shoes.  It’s no wonder professionals from all over have loved them!  The features go far beyond just a cool looking shoe and deep into the sub layers of the sole and construction of the upper part of the shoe.  Their technology really works like they promised and for that we give this a great recommendation with a price that’s right in line with a solid running shoe!

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