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ROCKWELL Watches and Sunglasses?

Who knew that Rockwell made sunglasses?  Yes the very same company that leads the watch industry in a huge way now has a great line of eye wear! Introducing Rockwell sunglasses, which believe me are as nice as their time pieces!  For starters you won’t find these on a rack while waiting in line to purchase your favorite 32 oz “dirty diet” whatever drink from your local convenient store.  And don’t even think about trying to find them at the closest strip mall where some teenager is managing a kiosk with rows and rows of generic knock offs.  To find these you’ll have to look a little higher to a place called TOP SHELF, much like a fine cigar or an aged bottle of wine.  

Rockwell went straight to the creators of sophistication and class to produce their line of sunglasses.  Rich Eggett (owner of Rockwell) decided if they were to put their stamp of approval on these, they had to look and feel right.  So he teamed up with an Italian company to create five very clean yet individual styles.  The end results are some serious shades for serious people who appreciate quality.  With five models to pick from the choice should be fairly simple! However, to pick from the Milano, the Pompei, the Roma, the Venezia or the Monza will prove more difficult that it sounds.  
ROCKWELL gives back!
One thing I’ve learned from my interactions with the amazing Rockwell crew is they always look for ways to give back.  Tons of their watches are associated with great foundations, with a portion of the sales going to those charities.  So it comes as no surprise that Rockwell has teamed up with “CharityVision” and a portion of the sales from each sunglasses goes directly to them.  “Rockwell has partnered with the nonprofit CharityVision to help individuals across the world with curable blindness. With every pair of sunglasses sold, Rockwell will donate a portion of the proceeds to this effort.

Rockwell Vision is designed in Salt Lake City UT. and is 100% hand-crafted in Italy. For more information on CharityVision, please visit their website

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This type of generosity speaks volumes ​about Rockwell, it’s owners and the great crew that work hard to deliver such cool products.  Walking into their store in Woods Cross, Utah gives you a sense of just how big they’ve become and their display case increases in size each time I visit.  My go to Rockwell guy, Bryce Brown, will always greet you with a smile and hand shake.  He, along with all the others will make you feel like family the moment you step foot inside.  Which is why we’re super proud that Rockwell is a sponsor to the Skyline Mountain 50 and the Skyline Mountain Marathon trail events.

A little about ROCKWELL Monza:

100% Hand-crafted in Italy – Designed in Salt Lake City Utah

Frame: Black Matte – Nylon TR90 Injected

Lens: Smoke Polarized – Anti-Smudge and Oleo-phobic

​What does all this mean?  It means these sunglasses are as comfortable as they are classy looking.  Like a hot sports car with clean lines and very little to detract from the overall beauty, these sunglasses will have you speaking Italian in no time.  Putting on a pair will make you feel like you instantly jumped up a few notches in your social status.  Almost like going from coach to first class on a flight to LA to walk the red carpet!  All joking aside, wearing these will make you feel the quality, distinction and modern style of high end sunglasses.  Oh and the Nylon TR90 injected material means they’re durable, built to last through the abuse we typically give our eye wear.
We do consider these a luxury item as the price tag is reflective of a higher end product.  Before you shop consider the fact that you’re buying true, Italian made glasses and a portion of the sales will go to a great charity.  We recommend you save up a few bucks before treating yourself to something extra nice….because you deserve it, that’s why.  They make a perfect gift for that hard to shop for person in your life.  You know….that person who always wants to set themselves apart from the rest of the trends in the world!
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We rated this item under four categories, each with a maximum of 5 stars:
Quality 5
Performance 4
Features 4
Value 4.5
Just so there’s no sticker shock when you begin your quest for a new pair of ROCKWELL sunglasses I feel it’s important to understand a few things. Normally I wouldn’t spend that much on my eye wear so a 4.5 stars on value has to come with an explanation.  Taking into consideration that a portion of the sales will go to the CharityVision foundation, I feel the money is well spent.  For more details on watches or these sunglasses, please visit  I’ll be willing to bet you find something you really like!


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