Noxgear Tracer 360 Review



Noxgear is an Ohio based company who takes safety very seriously when it comes to playing outdoors in dark conditions.  You might be a runner or a cyclists who only has time to exercise, train or play in the early morning or late night hours.  If you’re like me those two times are the only times you can get away for a an hour or two.  I’ve looked and looked for ways to improve my visibility during these times.  I came across Noxgear ( while searching safety vests on the computer and immediately became interested in seeing for myself what the product could do.

Tracer360 Features Callout

“Noxgear was founded by two engineers, Simon Curran and Tom Walters. In the beginning we set out to solve a problem we faced, and in the process of doing that we founded a company with a simple mission: deliver innovative, well-designed gear to all nocturnal athletes.  We are proud of this company and what it represents. Our name, Noxgear, is based on the Latin word for night: nox. Nocturnal, or being active at night, is also derived from this Latin origin.  From the earliest days of our working prototypes, our vests burnt a distinct ‘X’ in the night air.  So the perfect combination of its meaning and using the letter ‘x’ gave us our name: noxgear – for the nocturnal athlete.”

About a year ago a good family friend, Ashley, was running late at night with her husband when she was hit by a truck.  She survived with a broken arm, some scrapes and bruises but the fear of running again in those dark hours scared her.  The safety gear she was wearing was the typical bright yellowl, bulky vest with a few strips of reflective material in certain areas.  She was holding a flashlight, which was mostly so she could see the ground.  The driver admitted he didn’t see her until it was too late and as he went to cross the intersection he hit her.  This is one of the problems Noxgear has solved with their light up vest.  It’s always on, always visible even with out the use of a light source to reflect off the material.


Traditional safety vests require a light source to shine on them before they will be reflective or be seen.  The Noxgear Tracer 360 has it’s own light source that wraps around your entire torso for a complete 360 degrees of visibility.

The Tracer 360 has a single elastic chest strap that holds the entire vest together and the main power source is located on your back.  From the main power source there are two clear tubes of plastic that filter light through them.  These tubes go over your shoulders and around your lower torso almost looking like an X.  The chest strap can be adjusted for a more perfect fit, the tubes can also be adjusted to fit the shoulder areas better.  The main power source comes with three AAA batteries to light it and weights in at only 6.5oz total.  It has a single on/off and toggle switch to change the solid color of the light coming through the tubes and also has flashing modes that increase your visibility.  Here are the complete specs of this vest:

Technical Details:

  •     Low Profile, Integrated Battery and Electronics Enclosure
  •     Super Bright CREE LEDs
  •     Solid Core, Super Side Light Fiber Optic CableFlexible
    •     Heat and Electricity Free
    •     High Efficiency
    •     Solid Optical Gel Core
  •     All Weather / Season Design – Wear with T-shirt or Jacket
  •     Operates on (3) AAA batteries (Included) with Easy-access Door
  •     Up to 40 hours battery life
  •     Noxgear’s Unique Always Bright Electronics
  •     LED-blink Battery Notification on Start-up and Power Down
  •     High Quality, Durable and Chaff-free Elastic Belt Material
  •     Recessed Power/Mode Button to Prevent Inadvertent Activation
  •     Sweat Resistant, Breathable and Comfortable Design Using High Quality Sports Mesh
  •     Front Quick-Clip Buckle for Easy On and Off
  •     Minimal Fabric-to-Body Contact – Won’t Trap Sweat
  •     Water Resistant Design

Be seen.

I’ve been running with my Noxgear Tracer 360 for about 3 weeks now and absolutely love this product!  It’s my essential piece of gear as I’m heading out the door when it’s still dark outside.  I run with so much more confidence knowing that the increased visibility alerts drivers way before they come upon me.  I’ve noticed that cars are giving me an extra wide girth when passing and even slow down a little.  I had one driver thank me because she was able to see me immediately from far away and could tell a runner was on the road.  Of course I took the opportunity to quickly show her the cool piece of gear and found out she was an avid runner herself!  We recently featured this product at the 2015 Endurance Sports Show in Sandy Utah as safety gear for our cycling event, the Salt to Saint Bicycle Relay.  The most frequently asked question was if the lights bother the eyes when running or cycling?  The answer is no, not even in the least.  I can’t even tell it’s on me when I’m running and in no way hinders my night vision.  I will tell you who does see it….the motorists!

This vest is ideal for any type of activity outdoors in the dark or for a relay type event that runs throughout the night.  Noxgear has put a ton of thought into this amazing vest, keeping it light weight and completely functional.  This would be a great fit for the Salt to Saint Relay when our riders are cycling across Utah in the middle of no where at night!


We rated this item under four categories, each with a maximum of 5 stars:

Quality 4.5
Performance 4.75
Features 5
Value 4.5



I felt that Noxgear really hit a home run with this product.  It’s an absolute must for anyone who is active at night time.  I was very happy with the testing and feel it’s very much worth the investment.  Noxgear offers a ton of other high visibility items which can be found on their website,  Just this morning I pitched this vest to a police chief and fire chief as another way to be visible when helping with an accident scene, DUI roadblock or other incident where safety is a priority.  It was received very well!  How will you be using your Noxgear?