Theragunz_logoLooking for a great recovery tool to help with sore, overworked or cramping muscles?  If you’re like me and always trying to find new ways to help speed up your recovery after work outs then take a look at a new product called theTheraGunz.  About four month ago I came across this product which is an in home tool that will help athletes of all types with recovery.  It’s inventor, Dr. Jason Wersland grew up in Centerville, Utah before moving to California where he now works as a licensed Chiropractor.  He started working on this project in 2006 with the idea of having a “pain management and massage tool” that could be used at home in between chiropractic services.  Dr. Werlsand: “The TheraGun provides a few things to the body; it massages the muscle being treated in a way that it breaks down muscle knots, increases blood flow that ultimately helps release stored lactic acid causing the muscle to relax and at the same time, this isthe cool part, the vibration communicates to the brain so quickly that the brain can’t keep up with the information so, for a few minutes, the pain cycle is broken and the body part being treated can relax.”

10612874_836495599728172This cool product was recently featured at the 2014 Salt to Saint Relay.  Cyclist preparing to ride the 420 miles from Salt Lake City to St. George were treated by Dr. Wersland at the starting line.  The TheraGun loosened up tight muscles, getting the riders ready for the long miles ahead.  The positive feed back was overwhelming at how great the athletes felt before the race.  He also was found at the finish line to do a post workout treatment to help with recovery, also received positive feedback.  My wife and I tried this machine for the last month to help with own our recovery.  When it arrived it was packaged in a nice carrying case with a battery charger and a second, larger foam ball.  I was amazed at how easy it was to operate.  The TheraGun has a reciprocating ball that can quickly be adjusted with one little lever to help reach those difficult spots on your body.  The foam ball can also be changed out with a simple twist of the ring just above it.  This larger ball targets the bigger muscles and covers more area.  There are two buttons to press in order to activate the machine.  This design keeps the machine from accidentally being turned on while in the bag or not in use.  You must first press the thumb button then press the trigger and the TheraGun goes to work.  Once the machine is turned on the thumb button can be released.  When you’re finished working the muscle, simply release the trigger and themachine shuts off.
Dr. Wersland recommends the machine be turned on before applying it to muscles (avoid starting the machine when already pressed against a muscle).  The amount of pressure applied varies from muscle to muscle and how tired or sore they are.  You can simply rest the machine with no amount of pressure for a lighter massage or apply “some” downward pressure to dig a little deeper into the muscle.  This great machine has saved my hands…or my wife’s hands from massaging out a knot.  I’ve had some serious calf cramps after my longer runs which would last for about a week.  10689651_10203651487599431I started to avoid running because the cramping would not go away, even if I stretched or massaged by hand.  When I usedthe TheraGun I was impressed with how it worked, even on a deep knot like that.  After a treatment and then some stretching the cramp was gone that day.  I now use it on my entire legs to work out any lactic acid or remove any soreness.  Typically I will use the TheraGun 2-3 times a week.  My wife, Timalee is a personal trainer and has brought this machine with her to treat her clients before and after she puts them through a workout.  She has received very good feedback on how they feel going into a workout and also with their recovery.  Dr. Wersland has introduced this machine to NASCAR drivers, professional MMA fighters, NFL teams and many other sports, including cycling, running and swimming.  Even if you’re just lifting weights in the gym or crushing a 50 mile run the TheraGun is a great tool to have with you.  This can be ordered online and shipped right to your door.  For more information on this product visit them at or on Facebook.


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